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Die casting foundry

Comprehensive service, from design to finished products.

Zinc castings (ZnAl) made with machines of 20 - 200 tons of clamping force. Max. weight of casting 1200g.

Aluminium castings made with machines of 200 - 400 tons of clamping force (630 - 800 tons in cooperation).

Max. weight of casting 3400g.

We provide casting treatment in respect of:



vibro-abrasive machining,



press trimming.

Additionally, in cooperation with proven partners, we offer the following services:


galvanizing (zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating),

wet painting,

powder coating,

other anti-corrosion protection, e.g. cataphoresis, passivation, etc.

For many years, APOS has been working with scientific organizations from the Polish foundry industry, such as the Foundry Research Institute in Kraków or Poznań University of Technology. APOS can count on full scientific support for all implemented and handled projects, and exchange of experience and consultations allow continuous development.