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About us

1981 – Start of sole proprietorship

1986 – Tool shop is created

After five years of activity, in response to market demand, the tool shop employing 6 people was created. The company’s offer was extended by the construction of injection moulds.

1990 – Zinc pressure foundry

The decision was made to produce solely for companies, specializing in pressure casting. Zinc was still the main material (Zn-AI). During this period, the company employed 10 people.

1995 – Aluminium pressure foundry and employment growth

The company’s offer was extended to the production of aluminium castings. Employment grew to 25 people.

2004 – ISO 9001:2000

The high quality of our products is documented by the implementation of ISO certification, allowing us to extend our target group with automotive sector.

2007 - Automotive supplier

Extending cooperation with the automotive sector and changing the legal form into a commercial company. The company employed 40 people. The Technical and Commercial Office was created to ensure efficient operation. Networking extended group of companies cooperating with Apos.

2013 - ISO 9001:2008

We raise our standards in accordance with the requirements of new ISO certification.

2018 - Development of the machining of castings

Purchase of a modern machining centre Brother Speedio.

From design to implementation


Making the mould

Production of castings

Customer service